Rating: 5 out 5 stars

By Regan Lynch

The crazy life of the McCallister family is brought to the screen again in this sequel to the original holiday comedy. Home Alone 2 stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, the fearless kid whose Christmas never goes as planned. The entertainment of the events and characters throughout the movie made it very enjoyable. I believe it was produced well and shows people that sequels shouldn’t always be judged prior to seeing the film.

When the McCallister family plans to go to Miami for Christmas break, Kevin is once again left behind. But this time, he doesn’t have the safety of his home to protect him. With a quick switch-up at the airport before boarding the plane, Kevin follows a man that looks just like his father and accidentally boards the plane to the Big Apple.

This exciting 90’s film follows Kevin as he checks into the Plaza Hotel by himself, then proceeds to navigate his way around the city. But this vacation isn’t all fun for Kevin—he has a run in with the Sticky Bandits, his old enemies. They’re back and ready to take on Kevin McCallister for the second time.

Home Alone 2 has a very similar storyline to the original, but the comedy continues and even heightens with the sequel. The excitement and humor is taken to a new level, as Kevin fights off the bandits in his aunt and uncle’s empty house in the city. He uses the house—which is under construction—to his advantage to stop the burglars from getting their long-awaited victory. The audience will be biting their nails watching Kevin skillfully defend himself against the two middle-aged criminals.

This comedy appeals to the audience’s emotion, especially in the toy store scenes with Mr. Duncan. When Kevin arrives to the city, he visits Duncan’s Toy Chest, a typical attraction for 10- year-old boys, where he meets a kind old man who ends up being the owner of the store. Mr. Duncan tells Kevin that all of the money the store makes on Christmas Eve will be donated to the children’s hospital. Kevin eventually finds out that the Sticky Bandits are planning to rob the toy store on Christmas Eve, so he takes action and is recognized for saving Duncan’s Toy Chest.

Not only does Kevin build a friendship with Mr. Duncan, he also meets a woman in Central Park, known as “the Pigeon Lady.” Kevin is scared of her at first, but she ends up being his guardian angel, adding to the overall Christmas theme of the movie.

One of the more subtle elements of humor is the constant battle between the concierge (played by Tim Curry) and Kevin. It brings another aspect of humor that the first movie did not have. The concierge senses that something is off about Kevin, and he is always out to get him. This battle between them is another part of the movie that keeps the audience on their toes, wondering what will happen next.

Home Alone 2, directed by Chris Columbus who also directed Home Alone, is a rare example of a successful sequel. Even though the storyline is almost exact, the characters continue to grow and the plot never gets boring. Having the setting in New York City brings a more exciting, adventurous sequel which is what helped make the movie a success.