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Meet the New FHS Staff

By Emily Latulippe and Regan Lynch


Mr. Deangelis

What do you teach? Math

Why did you come to Freeport? Graduated from Bowdoin; did student teaching program in the spring; here for temporary teaching position; likes Midcoast area

Where did you go to college? Bowdoin

Any special talents/hobbies? Cross country ski raced for Bowdoin; went to Europe to race

What do you want students to know about you? I spend free time in the mountains biking and running.

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The Baby Falcon

By Henry Jaques

Our health teacher and track coach, Matt Greear, went to the hospital in late September to be with his wife when she gave birth to their first child. Elliot Greear was born on September 29th at Midcoast Hospital in Brunswick, weighing 9 pounds, 5 ounces. Greear had been out of school since the end of September to the end of October.

When asked about how he reacted when his wife was in labor, Greear explained, “I think I was relatively calm. I knew she would be in labor for a long time, so I remained as calm as possible and finished what I was going over. She ended up in labor for 31 hours.”

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Familiar Faces in New Places

By Kelley Fullagar and Haley Boyden

Freeport High School underwent quite the transition this school year: a new administration.  With both the principal and assistant principal positions filled, a great change to Freeport High School was expected.  

Jennifer Gulko, new principal, and Charlie Mellon, new assistant principal, seem to make a great administrative team.  According to Mr. Mellon, they work well together.  If you ask any student, they already know who Mr. Mellon and Ms. Gulko are.   Continue reading “Familiar Faces in New Places”

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