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Dorsey and Hight: The Sendy Twins

By Nick David

Kyle Dorsey and Bennett Hight are most well known for their skiing. It was very awesome getting to talk to the both of them and learn more about their exciting backstories. They both live very interesting lives, and they share the same interests,  for instance, they both are on the Freeport Nordic Ski Team, they dress a like, they both have long hair, and they both get a “Little Sendy” at times. 

Nordic Skiing is an overlooked side of skiing that is often avoided. But Kyle and Bennett were both drawn to it from an early age. Continue reading “Dorsey and Hight: The Sendy Twins”

Simple Simon Not So Simple

By Ryan Rosado

If you ever talk with Simon Handelman, one of two things is going on. He is either giving you a lecture or he is telling you the funniest joke.  At times, yes, he will beat you up, in a nonphysical sense. At other times he will be kind hearted, a shoulder for anyone to lean on.

Since middle school Simon has been actively involved in Freeport theater program having been in several of the high school plays, including, Sun Light Doesn’t Touch, Chicago, Spamalot, and Letters at Sea. Continue reading “Simple Simon Not So Simple”

Jordan Grotz: Playwright, Engineer, Robot Enthusiast?

By Henry Jaques

Every time the Freeport High School Drama Department offers up a couple of tragedies, it becomes necessary to offer up a comedy. That is, according to Jordan Grotz, this year’s playwright for Freeport’s One Act production.

My one act is a farcical comedy set in a hotel during the 1970s,” Grotz explains. “Henrietta and Doris, two maids, find a body in the hotel, and it sets off a whole series of crazy events as people try to figure out what’s going on.”

The production was first conceived when Grotz was in an independent study for playwriting his sophomore year. He took thisindependent study with Simon Handelman, one of Grotz’s closest friends at Freeport.

“We took an independent playwriting study together and his stuff was always drop–dead comedy,” said Handelman.  

Continue reading “Jordan Grotz: Playwright, Engineer, Robot Enthusiast?”

‘Dough Town’ Makes His Mark

By Regan Lynch

Max Doughty, otherwise known as “Dough Town”, can be seen walking down the halls with friends, working hard in the classroom, and dominating the football and baseball fields outside of school. Max is an active member of our community and it is shown through his dedication as a team leader, a great student, and the Senior class president.

By his many achievements and position as president, it shows that he is an honorable person–a well-rounded, respected student and mentor in our community. Along with his responsibilities as president, Max has many other hobbies and interests that people may not know about. Continue reading “‘Dough Town’ Makes His Mark”

Mr. Berkemeyer’s Defining Moments

By Emily Latulippe

“Every moment can be a defining moment. But what are the really defining moments of my life?” Mr. Berkemeyer asked. He pondered and replied, “Quitting the Coast Guard, walking across the country, becoming a teacher.”

Mr. Berkemeyer joined the Coast Guard right after high school graduation in 1981. The Coast Guard afforded Mr. Berkemeyer opportunities to travel and “have some unique experiences.”  He left the Coast Guard after being in the academy for two years. “I did not want to make it my livelihood for the next 16 years. I was curious about what else life could offer,” said Mr. Berkemeyer. Continue reading “Mr. Berkemeyer’s Defining Moments”

Who is Jeff Lane?

By Kelley Fullagar

Jefferson Lane, 15, a sophomore at Freeport High School, is an avid chef and theater participant. He is an enthusiastic musician, singing and playing the trombone since middle school. He doesn’t concern himself with his vocal capabilities too much, but enjoys singing nonetheless, belting out tunes on stage and along with his favorite artists, from Dave Matthews to LP. Jeff’s funny personality helps him conquer any setting, transitioning easily from Durham Middle School to Freeport High School. Continue reading “Who is Jeff Lane?”

Ireland Hall: Leaving a Legacy

By Haley Boyden

Everybody has an activity that takes up most of their time: Netflix, homework, or napping.  For Ireland Hall, basketball is that activity.

Continue reading “Ireland Hall: Leaving a Legacy”

Beauty and the Beast: Tale As Old As Time

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

By Ryan Rosado

Beauty and the Beast was a Disney production that came out in the Fall of 1991 and was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Motion Picture. The movie is based off a French folklore that was adapted from a Russian tale, The Scarlet Flower. Through the movie, the viewer will follow through the troubles of a young French women who ends up in a magical castle as the prisoner of what would appear to be a horrible beast. Watch how Belle falls in love with the horrifying beast and shows that there’s more to love than just looks. Continue reading “Beauty and the Beast: Tale As Old As Time”

Rushmore: Mainstreaming Indie Films

Rating: 4.95 out of 5 stars

By Nicholas David


Rushmore: a high-class school for the gifted, holds one of the worst students ever. Max Fischer, a 15- year old focused more on his extracurricular activities than his actual grades and classes, is associated with practically every club at Rushmore. He even starts some of them himself, such as The Bombardment Society, which is essentially a dodge ball ring, along with the Kung Fu Club, the Rushmore Beekeepers, and the fencing team. Max Fisher, played by Jason Schwartzman, is faced up with the task of actually focusing on his school work, instead of his activities and time spent writing his plays.  Max has trouble focusing on his work after he meets a very attractive second grade teacher named Miss Rosemary Cross, played by Olivia Williams. Continue reading “Rushmore: Mainstreaming Indie Films”

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