Rating: 4.95 out of 5 stars

By Nicholas David


Rushmore: a high-class school for the gifted, holds one of the worst students ever. Max Fischer, a 15- year old focused more on his extracurricular activities than his actual grades and classes, is associated with practically every club at Rushmore. He even starts some of them himself, such as The Bombardment Society, which is essentially a dodge ball ring, along with the Kung Fu Club, the Rushmore Beekeepers, and the fencing team. Max Fisher, played by Jason Schwartzman, is faced up with the task of actually focusing on his school work, instead of his activities and time spent writing his plays.  Max has trouble focusing on his work after he meets a very attractive second grade teacher named Miss Rosemary Cross, played by Olivia Williams.

I thought this movie was extremely well made and very funny. The various cut scenes and Wes Anderson’s style, make this movie a top 10 in my eyes, and Wes couldn’t have done a better job with the actors he chose. They are a perfect fit. This film is a back and forth battle at love between two characters, Max and Mr. Blume, for Miss Cross. The witty comedy sections that are made true by Mr. Blue (Bill Murray), and Max make this movie a classic for Indie comedy films.  If you are a fan of Wes Anderson’s other films such as The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom, then Rushmore is a must see. The film reminds me most of The Darjeeling Limited. It has a very similar plot, and the characters act quite similar.  

Wes’s use of space in his films is perfect. Every shot is well thought out, and very precise, and his use of color and zooms in and out make it very appealing to the watcher. It is very entertaining and pleasing on the eyes, like all Wes Anderson films.

This movie is basically spread out against an all out war between Max and Mr. Blume, fighting over who get’s Miss Cross. Max seems more appealing to Miss. Cross. He does a lot for her, such as saving the Latin Club from being taken out of Rushmore; Max even tries to build her an aquarium, which is set to be put on the property of the baseball field at Rushmore, which doesn’t go as planned. Mr. Blume is a depressed character and has two annoying sons that he cannot stand (Ronnie and Donnie). Max has a best friend at Rushmore, Dirk Calloway (played by Mason Gamble). He officially tells Max about what has been going on with Miss Cross and Mr. Blume, who is a married man. That is when the competition  starts to win over  Miss Cross. A series of events cause Max to get arrested after Max cuts the brake line to Mr. Blume’s car, causing him to almost crash into students of Rushmore. Although Mr. Blume ran over Max’s bike for spite, Max probably went a little too far with his revenge tactics.

In the end, only one can have Miss Cross. Max finally accepts reality that he is far too young to go after Miss Cross, so he makes a play to dedicate to Max’s deceased mother and Miss Cross’s deceased husband (Edward Appleby), who was a former student at Rushmore and founder of The Rushmore Beekeepers. He also dedicated his play to Mr. Blume; he previously fought in Vietnam and the play is called “ Heaven and Hell”, and it takes place during the Vietnam War. Max finishes the play and gets a quite pleasant surprise after he finishes. He loses his girl, Miss Cross, but fortunately gets acquainted with a new one. In the words of Max Fischer, “I only got a little hurt”.

The film is a must see and in my eyes and is one of my top favorite Wes Anderson movies. My favorite is The Life Aquatic, but Rushmore is not far behind. I would suggest this to anyone with a good sense of humor; it cuts in and out throughout the movie making it very fun the whole way through.