By Regan Lynch

Max Doughty, otherwise known as “Dough Town”, can be seen walking down the halls with friends, working hard in the classroom, and dominating the football and baseball fields outside of school. Max is an active member of our community and it is shown through his dedication as a team leader, a great student, and the Senior class president.

By his many achievements and position as president, it shows that he is an honorable person–a well-rounded, respected student and mentor in our community. Along with his responsibilities as president, Max has many other hobbies and interests that people may not know about.

On the weekends, Max is most likely to be spending time outdoors during the day either hunting and fishing or playing baseball, and hanging out with friends at night. Max is fit to be the Senior class president as he takes on the responsibility and pride of his position. He will be an inspiration to future class presidents to do a great job in supporting their classes like he has one with the help of his class officers.

Abby Arruda, vice president of the senior class, said Max has done a lot of the senior and Freeport High School as well.

Max is definitely a leader and it shows through. He is strong-minded, confident and commands the attention of everyone in a room while also being extremely approachable. Max cares a lot about our grade and does a lot of the behind the scenes work that I don’t believe he gets enough credit for,” said Abby. “Max also brings great ideas and thoughts on how to and what to improve on for our grades events or fundraisers as well. I think Max is a fantastic president and I am so lucky to get to work with him.”

When asked to provide three words that describe Max, Abby used “bro, great friend, and leader” as words of her choice.

“I definitely enjoy working with Max as president and VP. We get along very well and are able to collaborate and successfully work together on numerous projects without any issue. He is very considerate and open minded of other people’s feelings and ideas which is an awesome thing about him”.

Although Max and Abby are a great team, they face challenges that they help each other overcome. Because they are president and vice president, they are put in a tough position when it comes to accommodating the entire class. “One of the most recent issues was the T-shirt design,” Abby explains the most recent challenge they faced together, “there was a lot of controversy with it and Max and I ended up getting back together and coming up with new design ideas and ways to improve to shirt to fit everyone’s needs. We listen to each others’ ideas and work off of the them”. This shows that they are able to work together as a team, both being cooperative, caring individuals, to accommodate everyone’s needs upon request.

It is no surprise that Max has been a recipient of many awards and achievements, both academic and athletic, throughout his high school career. He is currently a member of the National Honors Society; a Western Maine Conference (WMC) honorable mention; the recipient of multiple Coaches, Pride and Character, and Athletic Excellence awards; and Player of the State during week 8 of the 2016 football season.

Along with these achievements, he has the responsibility of being the class president. “Soon after I entered high school, my mentor told me about student government and I was interested in getting involved,” said Max. “I wanted to help make decisions that strongly affected our class for the greater good, and at the same time be able to represent the class of 2017.”

As president, he has made many important decisions and has helped support and encourage us as a class all together.

An interesting point about Max that most people do not know is what he intends to do in the future. I asked Max what he wants to be doing in 10 years and this was his response: “In 10 years, I hope to own my own home development business and begin to settle down. In 20 years, I hope for my business to be thriving and successful, having multiple housing contracts at the same time. In 50 years, I hope to be fortunate enough to retire and spend time with family and lifelong friends”.

 Max also wanted to pass along some advice. “Make the most of your time in high school, take advantage of your learning opportunities because this can lead to multiple doors opening in your future. When choosing a career, make sure to find something that you love doing, don’t let it just be a job, allow it to be your passion.”

This is a strong statement because it shows that he does not just do things for the credit or the recognition. Max does things because he has a passion for them and really cares. That is a great characteristic to have in a class president, student, and friend in your community.