By Kelley Fullagar

Jefferson Lane, 15, a sophomore at Freeport High School, is an avid chef and theater participant. He is an enthusiastic musician, singing and playing the trombone since middle school. He doesn’t concern himself with his vocal capabilities too much, but enjoys singing nonetheless, belting out tunes on stage and along with his favorite artists, from Dave Matthews to LP. Jeff’s funny personality helps him conquer any setting, transitioning easily from Durham Middle School to Freeport High School.

Jeff is no doubt talented on stage, known by staff and students for his performance capabilities and unique spin on characters. During Jeff’s Freshman year, he auditioned for a role in the school One Act, Out of the Machinery, landing a role in the ensemble. His role evolved from there, becoming a man buying pottery on stage. This seemingly minor part “proceeded to win me a state acting award,” recounts Jeff of the experience.

But what of the man off stage? Is there more to him than appearing on stage? Like most other 15-year olds, Jeff is currently working towards getting his license. He enjoys cars greatly, his job at a car dealership giving him the opportunity to see some pretty cool cars. After all, who doesn’t love a nice car? With “a good pup” in the passenger seat, he is bound for a good time.

When asked what his favorite food is, Jeff responded in true Jeff fashion: “If we’re all being honest here, is there really an answer for this? Come on, it is FOOD!”

And from the restaurants he visits when he isn’t broke and hours he spends cooking and baking, it is safe to say anything edible falls right in Jeff’s palette. As a matter of fact, when I had a box of wheat thins from the Dollar Store Jeff ate them all, talking about how delicious they were the whole time. Is this another possible career for Jeff? Becoming a chef? He doesn’t think so, leaning more towards a “degree in either business or social work”. His light-hearted, easy-going, slightly-comedical-but-not-too-far personality would thrive in nearly any industry. He is one of those people, that just knowing him in the halls you get the impression he could sell ice to the eskimos and make millions.

After speaking to Haley Boyden, whose father went to school with Jeff’s mother, and later attended Jeff’s family day care until she was 8 years old, apparently he was not always this way. When they were younger, he would never share with any of the others kids, but grew out of that as they grew older. Now, they do “indoor track, and theater” together, and she gives him rides places, mainly home since they live fairly close to one another. During breaks they like to go to the beach and bowl, in which Jeff is much better. They also enjoy trips to Kamasouptra and Starbucks together (no surprise, given Jeff’s love of all things food). When asked what his favorite drink was, Haley knew it was “not coffee, mocha” of some variety, which was on the right track to Jeff’s preference of an “Iced Caramel Macchiato”.

Jeff’s only apparent major flaw is a lack of knowledge of his Hogwarts house, “Like hell if I know. The kind, fun, slightly passive aggressive one?” would be Hufflepuff but that is vital information to carry through life. Like all good Hufflepuffs, his love of good cuisine, dedication, loyalty, and humor will bring him far in life, and if all else fails, he can always sell ice to the eskimos.