By Nick David

Kyle Dorsey and Bennett Hight are most well known for their skiing. It was very awesome getting to talk to the both of them and learn more about their exciting backstories. They both live very interesting lives, and they share the same interests,  for instance, they both are on the Freeport Nordic Ski Team, they dress a like, they both have long hair, and they both get a “Little Sendy” at times. 

Nordic Skiing is an overlooked side of skiing that is often avoided. But Kyle and Bennett were both drawn to it from an early age.

“ You can rip around anywhere.  It is easier and it is free,” said Kyle. He got introduced to Nordic by a fellow friend of his, Painter Soule, who graduated last year from Freeport. Both Kyle and Bennett started skiing when they were quite young, around six or seven years old.

But the two started racing around sixth grade, and they have been improving ever since. The Nordic team often has quite interesting spirit days, where they would dress as “ Dirty Hippies.” Some other more interesting spirit days were the Grunge Day and Triplet Day.

Both Bennett, Kyle, and Yacob Olins, a close friend of the two, loved the Triplet day. It involved cut-off everything. A cut-off red Polo, cut-off Jean Shorts, and high wool socks. But the spirit did not stop there. Kyle, Bennett, and Yacob have been planning for a while to have Man Buns by the time states come around next week. They have been working on their “Progressive Cuts” for a while, and they are already looking sendy.

“It kind of looks like a porcupine,” said Bennett.

All bunned up, Kyle looked like a majestic bearded Samurai, ready to toss palms at any given moment.

When they’re not discussing their hair, the two can be found chilling in the light room working on their neat hats and art, or meandering around Kyle’s house.

“We are makers!” Bennett said.

“We often listen to Tribal music and make cool stuff,” added Kyle. We Canoe to random places, we climb stuff, and I am low-key Ken Block outside of school.”

I talked more to Kyle and Bennett about their canoeing adventures. They often just get a gaggle of friends together, toss together some supplies, and just canoe around Freeport. They are hoping to Canoe to Portland this summer, and maybe I can join them for the ride, it sounds really fun!

“ We are Canoeists!” said Bennett.

Kyle and Bennett have an independent study that focuses on graphic and product design. They started off by making T-shirts at the beginning of the year, and now they are in the process of making a few pairs of shoes, hats, wallets, and even sunglasses. They are a very creative group and have awesome and inventive ideas that are very unique.

In addition, they said their favorite teachers are Medsker, Blier, and Mr. G., even though he doesn’t support their Hipster-esc lifestyle.  They are also big fans of food, and they eat a lot.

“Kyle is low-key a chef,” said Yacob, 

We got into a whole discussion on their favorite foods and what meal Kyle cooks the best. The two pretty much go crazy for anything that is grilled, from sandwiches to salsa con queso, which is “The Twins'” favorite meal.

“It pretty much is salsa with this orangish cheese stuff in it. It is Fuego!” Said Kyle.

Kyle is always peeved off at Bennett because Bennett won’t admit that he is a good cook, even though most of the time, Bennett is always eating all of Kyle’s food. The funny thing is that a lot of their cooking and eating happens during their independent study. Some days when they can’t think of any good, creative ideas, they just head back over to Kyle’s “casa” to chef it up.

They also talked a lot about their summer ideas and plans. They want to live on a island and not have to work for the entire summer.

The last thing we discussed was Cheese Races. After a Nordic ski meet, The Freeport Nordic Team and other surrounding teams decided to do a Cheese Race, which is a new pastime for them. Basically you roll a wheel of cheese or a soccer ball down the steepest hill that you can find, and the kids race down. Whoever gets the ball, wins. It can get pretty rowdy. Kyle wiped out pretty hard and took a vicious spill,and bruised his side. It was hectic. Kyle wanted to give a shout out to John Giddens, the new fastest skier on the team.

 They do some pretty sendy and rowdy things but they know how to keep it under control.  They are probably ripping “BEEZERS” (a back flip) right now — a signature Sendy Twins move. Gotta love ’em.